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I kept plunging into her and said maliciously into her ear “Your not
my mother, if you were, you would have never abandoned
me into the care of 'those' people” with tears now streaking
down my face as I fucked her ,

She didnt make any movement to take them in her mouth so I grasped her left
breast while sitting behind her and squeezed it lightly, but enough to make her
gasp and I took the oppurtunity to shove the juice covered fingers into her mouth,

I got closer to her and brought my index finger and middle finger together and began rubbing
and teasing her outer lips and clit vigorously and said “So this is the beuatiful pussy I came
from ,it looks so nasty and began to slowly put my fingers in and she pleaded “No dont”
but I just shoved them in and she let out a moan of pleasure,

She yelled out “No this is wrong” and I replied “So is
abandoning me for a 'piece of meat' ” I sceamed out
in anger and I gripped her hips and started fucking
her even harder making her cry out in bliss

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