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Hentai: Miqo'te Mizugi Bon!!

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I was sat inbetween them on the sofa and we talked for ages about all sorts, Clive asked me why my legs were shaved, “to be honest i really don't know” i replied , “Umm yeah i guess so i said, Clive unbuttoned my shirt, undoing them one my one as me and Rodger kissed then we stooped kissing just as Clive was taking off my shirt and threw it on the floor, me and Clive kissed again while Rodger unlaced my shorts and began to pull them down, i lifted my legs up so he could pull them off, i was now completely naked which i didn't think was fair so i tugged at Clives belt, they got the message and soon they stripped and had their big cocks out, “lets go upstairs” Clive said, so he picked me up off the floor, i wrapped my legs around him and he carried me upstairs and Rodger followed, we got into the spare bedroom and they put me on the bed, “who's gona fuck him first then?” clive said and him saying that made me drip precum already

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