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We soon came to a view of the lake and I had to stop and admire the view, as my breath was taken away, the valley of untouched native bush and towering white cliffs, giving way and opening to the perfect lake, the sun gently glinting on the surface, I was in love with this place, this was paradise and I didn’t want to leave and I had only just arrived , This has developed from my sport of choice, rock climbing, well I’m really an indoor climber, and this point brings me to this story, I lost my virginity to real rock, and to a rock in the same weekend,
The day after Jason left after a hard day I returned home, as with my normal routine, I switched on my TV, and started looking through my pantry to decide on what to cook, that was when the phone rang, I answered it and was greeted by marks voice, mark was one of the instructors at the climbing wall and knew Jason and I were now an item, he asked me to sit down so I did, he then said there had been an accident on mount cook, I went hysterical with concern, but mark calmed me down and ask for me to leat him finish what he wanted to say, I stoped and sat quietly, I already knew what he was going to say, he said “there was an avalanche started on the mountain by a party near the top of a snow slope, the avalanche ran down a gully toward Jason’s party, all of them were recovered because they were wearing avalanche transponders, except for Jason, some how his transponder was separated from him, and he has not been recovered, he is believed to be dead,” I was silent, I could think of nothing, all I wanted to do was smash something, I calmly thanked mark and hung up the phone,

It all started on a cold mid winter morning, my best friend cat dragged me out of my warm house and told me we had to do something out of our comfort zones, I had no idea what but cat had a plain and I trusted her, so we piled in her car and went

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