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“Fuck slut you love it up your ass don't you, fucking dyke liking your pussy licked, you going to cum in this other bitchs mouth now”, Katlin froze sollid, was she realy going to cum, her queshtion was answered by a AHHHHHHH YEEEEES, JESES, FUCK ME HARD, IM CUMMIIiIiNNG”, Katlin's face was suddenly hit with a wave of the other girls juices, given no choice but to swallow then she heard, “yeah drink my juice baby, i am gonna make you cum now”, what felt like an eletric shock hit Katlin hard as she could not help but to scream, the other girls tounge was wirling around insdie of her, also she was rubbing her clit, pinching it, she thrust her tounge deeper inside her, which was joined by a long finger sliding deep into her as well, “YES, OH YES EAT ME YES, I CAN FEEL IT”, Katlin came and came hard into the other girls face and at that moment Andrew did as well, ramming his cock into her slutty ass over and over shooting his load inside, he then pulled out making some excess seman fall onto Katlin's face , he untied the other girl and ordered her to lick his cum off of her face, the other girl mounted Katlin licking his cum off of her, swallowing it all, and to Katlin's suprise she reached down after she was done and kissed her hard, Katlin could taste her own juices on her tounge, she broke he kiss when Andrew threw her cloths at her, she stared at Katlin and said, “great fuck baby, that one was free”, she got up and Adrew gave her a wad of notes, she got dressed kissed him good bye and slid out, as did a very confused and tred Katlin, Emma started to catch on and smiled, “oo i understand now”, “First however, you must answer these queshtions, we alredy know your name so, how old are you and why did you run away and who are you running from”?, Emma looked at the floor, “well in nearly sixteen, and i get raped often by my parents and there friends, they pulled me from school locked me inside the house and would use me as a sex slave, untill i managed to get away, now my parents and all there firends will be loooking for me”, JJ nodded, “your in, its as simple as that”, Emma smiled and shook his hand, but all the while she could not help but stare at Katlin, after all she was an admitted Lesbian, just not to them, and do dont go through that much forced sex without enjoying it, and right now she wantged to feel Katlin's soft lips between her legs, but as sahe was thinking this she realised she was staring at JJ's crotch, thats when she realiused she was not a lesbian but she was fully bi, and she wanted both these to right now, god her mum was right, she was a slut, but better to be a slut on her choice and turms then it is to be forced into it by your parents, now she was in control, luckilly they had not seen her staring as they were tlking to each other, but she reached behind her and lifted her top, and undid her bra and waited for them to nottice, then JJ tunred around, “well now your part of the tea,

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